Can Symo replace my sales team?

 Symo does not do any sales. It acts as the liaison between your company and the specifiers.

Why is it important to be known by specifiers?

 If architects are not familiar with your company, the chances of having your company's products specified on plans and
specifications are slim.

Our company sends our product catalogues by mail. Is that sufficient?

 Specifiers are inundated with brochures and leaflets of all kinds. There is nothing better than to meet them personally.

Our representatives have already attempted to meet with specifiers without much success. Is this normal?

 Symo built its clientele since 1988 through hard work and its continuous presence in the industry. That is why it is easier
for our representatives to introduce new products to specifiers.

 Additionally, Symo, on average, presents 7 different companies during each visit, which saves specifiers considerable

The services you provide are likely to be expensive. Is this true?

 The cost of our service is substantially less than the cost to have the same work done in-house. Furthermore, Symo
guarantees unequalled results.

Will Symo help us increase our sales?

 The combination of your team with our services and the information we provide about different projects currently
underway will surely open up new opportunities for your company.